[Help] cant make Podlove web players to work :(


I’m trying to use the Podlove Web Player plugin in order to convert the normal media player into a nice and pretty player, however, I’m not being able too.

It seems the plugin adds the shortcode to the pages where the media is, but it doesn’t display it.
I have attached some examples.

Does anyone know what may be the problem?

Many thanks,

  • Miguel

You don’t need the Podlove Web Player plugin if you are using the Publisher. The player is already included in the Publisher plugin.

The shortcode name is podlove-episode-web-player.

Correct, but I get exactly the same problem with Podlove Published only.

The WordPress “enclosures” options don’t seem to work (or I don’t really understand how they work)

Have a look under “Dashboard / Podlove / Templates” - those templates are used for the episodes and the default template already includes the player.