Help Migrating Podcast from

Hi, I’m new to this tool, I’ve set up most of my settings in Podlove Publisher, but I’m curious as to whether I can migrate from another off-Wordpress tool using the Migration module. If there’s any tutorial about transferring from an non-Wordpress podcast that would be helpful.

My site is currently here:
The wordpress site is:

I only have 7 episodes I’m not worried about analytics/etc coming over.

I saw this overview but it seems to be about migrating a podcast hosted inside of Wordpress already.

Also does anyone know if I have to change anything with Apple/Stitcher/other readers after I make the change?

Clearly a novice here, thank you for the help.
Jeff Hopkins

We have been discussing migration based on an RSS feed, which would enable migrating from anywhere. But as of right now, the migration tool only works if you used WordPress based podcasting before.