Host podcast on a different server


we have our podcast at on a Wordpress installation with Podlove.
Unfortunately the episodes now seem to drag down the webspace because of too much traffic.

Instead of moving the whole site to a new server, is it possible, just to host the casts on a different server?

We’re using Auphonic for production of the casts directly through the Episode interface.
What is it, we have to do to host on a separate servers?

Just set up Auphonic to upload to the new server and change the url in “Podcast settings / Media” to the new one?
Do we have to also host all the pictures on the new server?

I would appreciate any help or advise before we try this out.

Yes. (“the cast” = audio files).

[quote=“nerdizismus, post:1, topic:981”]
Just set up Auphonic to upload to the new server …[/quote]
Probably. I don’t use it.

Yes. Don’t forget to move all existing episodes to the new server as well. Not just the new ones.

I’m not sure about that one. For example: You can set episode cover URLs individually. Same goes for contributor avatars.

If you managed them as assets, like your audio files, yes.

On the surface, moving the files and putting in a new adress worked like a charm.
I will try changing the settings to Auphonic the next few days and let you know how it went.