Hosting Transfer, Namespace, and Value assist needed


EDITED: I am transferring my podcast hosting from Anchor to my own on a WP built site. I know how to redirect the feed to Podlove Publisher, which previously as shown in the crossed out paragraph below, I’ve solved how to do it. I still need assist with parts two and three.

To preface this post, I have an existing podcast currently living on Anchor that had little to no audience, so any shakeups in my feed will go unnoticed. If I need to just go with the new feed I effectively created when I set up Podlove Publisher, I’m okay with it. What I do need is someone to share what steps I’d need to do to ensure both podcasts don’t show up on respective players and platforms when they search. Is it as easy as just shutting it off on the Anchor side?

The other two elements I need assistance with are Podcasting 2.0 namespace and value* tag is enabled. So if there’s someone out there who’s experienced with all the above, I could really use some pointers on what code to drop where.

*It would seem that the value portion can be enabled via this app from Podcast Index, but I see no input there for a BTC wallet to receive funds.

I sincerely appreciate any help I can get here and will do all I can to pay this knowledge forward. Thank you for your time!