How are the payload values needed for podlove player actions?

Hello community,

based on the examples under Runtime API | Podlove Documentation

and podlove-ui/types.js at development · podlove/podlove-ui · GitHub

I would like to know how is the usage of the payload attribute for the actions.

I am working with plain JS on a HTML Site. I can not install the npm package for the actions.

Some actions as PLAYER_REQUEST_PLAYTIME are working for me, the payload makes sense but for example to hide a progressbar I am trying this example beneath but I do not know the proper value for the payload (I also tryed without the property).

Also things like HIDE_VISIBLE_COMPONENTS_TAB_FILES are not working for me.

Here is one example.


Here is my example

 podlovePlayer('#example', '/path/to/episode/definition/or/object', '/path/to/configuration/or/object')
          .then(store => {    
                        { type: 'HIDE_VISIBLE_COMPONENTS_CONTROLS_PROGRESSBAR', 
                           payload: ????

Hey Gongo,

the payload is optional depending on the action. It will be used by reducers and effects to create the player state and behaviour. See podlove-ui/packages/player/state at development · podlove/podlove-ui · GitHub for more information on what it is used. Also if you face any issues feel free to describe your intend and I will try to help you identify the needed actions.

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Hi Zusatzstoff,

thank you, I really liked your player so I will give my best to implement it for the clients.
Cool that you are active in the forum. Thanks again

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