How do I modify the default template of an episode?


Hi. I’ve integrated Podlove into my Wordpress installation, all works pretty perfectly – thanks Podlove :slight_smile:

However, I’m having trouble understanding how to modify the default template of an episode. Currently, it looks like this:


As you can see, it’s very rough. Now, if I take a look at the “default” template coming with Podlove, it looks like this:

{% if not is_feed() %}

	{# display web player for episode #}
	{{ episode.player }}
	{# display contributors if module is active #}
	{% if shortcode_exists("podlove-episode-contributor-list") %}
		{# see for parameters #}
	{% endif %}

{% endif %}

It’s very simple and it looks like this is what the episode page from Podlove is using. Having said that, I have no clue where e.g. the blue header at the top of my current episode page comes from (again, have a look at the screenshot I uploaded above).


Is it possible to work with the episode page exactly like with any other Wordpress page, so e.g. using Composer blocks, etc.? How do I do that?

And if not, does this mean that the only way for me to modify the episode page is via the “default” template?