How to ADD Podcast on iTunes

Hi Everyone!
I have seen some some topic about this post but i didnt realy understand!

So can somebody help me with this question?

I have tryed many times already to Submit podcast from my website with PodLove to iTunes with the ( i have chanheged the Cover Photo to the small size and many differend changes)

Can somebody say how to do step by step or i what are the really importent things that i have to do?

Best regards

Apple provides clear instructions here:

If your podcast is already setup, you can start with step 5, submitting the podcast:

I couldn’t add my feed to Itunes at firsthand aswell.
In my case I originally hosted my audio files within the WP media gallery and for some reason this didn’t work together with itunes.

Hosting the media files within WP isn’t a good solution anyway. Thus, I put the media files outside of WP into a separate download directory on the web server. And with this it worked with Itunes as well.


Hi rahra!
My podcast is submited now finally!

The problem was one of the Cover picter with more than 300kb.

My podcast files are also in the separete folder :))

Thank you all!
DJ Metcho