How to Chapter Marks in Audacity

how can i export Chapter-marks with Audacity within the mp3?


As far as I know, that’s not possible. I have found this, but haven’t tested it. Please tell us if it worked. I don’t know any DAW able to produce .mp3 chapter marks yet. There are only a few separate tools that allow producers to create chapter marks within .mp3 files. I think Auphonic does this. I’m not sure if in the online and/or the desktop version though (@auphonic, could you please confirm/deny this?). Marco Arment from Overcast is in the process of building a tool to create chapter marks in .mp3 files (might be for Mac only). We will have to wait on that. There are more tools for chapters in .m4a/AAC files.

Podlove Simple Chapters do support all file types, because they are not embedded within the file itself. This might be an easy solution for you. The problem is, that only a few mobile apps do support these Podlove Simple Chapters.

Yes, we support all kind of chapter marks (mp3, aac/m4a, ogg, opus, flac, …) in our online version. You can also import markers directly from Audacity and we will write them to Mp3 chapters:

Our desktop version contains only our algorithms, no metadata features. Therefore chapters are not included in our desktop apps.


it is possible with m4a/aac?

I haven’t tested that either. I assume you have tried creating chapters with Audacity (following the link I gave you) in .mp3 files by now and that did not work. I’d be surprised if it still worked for .m4a files. Just test it. Does Audacity even render .m4a/AAC files?

The only DAW I know able to produce chapter marks within a file (.m4a/AAC files in this case, not .mp3) is Hindenburg Journalist.

That article only explains how to export multiple files using a label track, with are not chapter marks.