How to configure assets and attach to episodes? FRUSTRATING

I find the limited directions really lacking and frustrating.

I can’t even get started.

  • I uploaded files to the root directory /
  • I set the upload location
  • Added the filename without extension to the Episode Media File Slug
  • Media files say “You need to configure assets for this show. No assets, no fun.”
  • Configure assets takes me to another page with very vague information
  • I ADD NEW and there is no way to add an asset. And there are no instructions.

Hey Ian,

I politely ask you to rewrite your question in a more constructive way. We are human beings that spend most of their free time to build this software so be respectful and we can help you. Otherwise feel free to not use our software and choose a different one.


There is a point though: the UX of podlove can be confusing and in parts frustrating. Even though there are some very good explanations and some things work just excellent. So I take the opportunity to thank for this great piece of software with a lot of thought and knowledge put into it. Please keep on improving on all levels to make usage rather easy as well. Maybe it is time to get somebody on board for UX/user journey painpoints to see if some problems could be solved by improving the screens, wording and clickflows. After all this need sure is a sign of growth in the userbase - so cheers to the podcast plugin we all love :wink:


You might want to listen to our Podcast that covers the journey: (german content)


I haven’t found any tutorials or answers to my questions/problems - for everyday use after 5 years and simple needs I am quite fine except for 1 or 2 really depressing matters. That might be different for users who are not willing to listen to a lot of audio or do not speak German or simply struggle at some points. The sense of a user journey as means of UX-testing is to find out about the painpoints of users, not give them a map for their journey through a product, which would rather be a tutorial or how to or documentation - a lot of them exist and it sure is possible to find ones way around.


This Podcast is not a functional documentation. We found really nice contributors that are actively working on better documentation. For example @yoursql719 started with an excellent screencast ( Besides that we also actively asking Podcasters in our Podcast around their workflows and issues with Podlove. There is a lot going on and the Podlovers Podcast describes this process.


Sorry, was very frustrated yesterday. I had one of those days where EVERY piece of technology wasn’t working right and just lost it. Sorry. Edited the question.

Can you point me to where I can find clear instructions on getting started?

Once I understand how to work Podlove, I’d be happy to help write some of this getting started stuff I don’t understand.