How to jump 2 position in Player using HTML?


I would like to create a list of timestamps, that I can click on, that make the Podlove Web Player go to this point in time.

For instance, I click on (23:42) and the player goes to 23:42 and plays from there.

I tried to do it using <a href="?t=23%3A42">(23:42)</a> but this forces reload of the page and scrolling to the webplayer, which I would want to avoid as I want to stay on the timestamp-list instead.
(BTW: I tried this on the Opera-Browser.)

Now my question is, is there an alternative way to control the currently played time of the webplayer without too much hassle, reloading and scrolling around?

Asking for a friend…ehrm…new Ultraschall-Feature…

The player adds an extension to the page for exactly this use case: External Control | Podlove Documentation