How to remove h1 from title and subtitle

My SEO Analyzer spotted some unwanted h1 tags in the Podlove Web Player.
I already tried to use the templates, but all I can do is this:


And this will be generated from that:

<h1 data-test="show-title" style="color: rgb(42, 95, 151); font-weight: 700;">
<a href="" target="_parent" data-test="show-title--link">Toller Titel</a>

Is there any way to change the h1 to a h2 or h3 for title and subtitle?

You could simply replace that with your custom HTML :slight_smile: But we got this issue a couple of times also regarding accessibility and will handle that as soon as we got back to the player.

And how can I replace that with custom HTML?
All I found was the Templating documentation:

I can use the show-title Tags, and thats it: <show-title></show-title>
But the h1 Tags are generated within the replacement of show-title, see example above. So if there is a way to customize this generated code, I would be happy to learn about it!

I guess your show name won’t change that much :slight_smile: ? So you could simply hard code it in replacement of the show title.