How to tweak the Subscribe Button?

Hello community & programmers!

First of all: Thanks for this great Subscribe Button (and the Podlove project as a whole)!

I’d like to add a single Subscribe Button to one of my Wordpress pages. Therefore I found the shortcode [podlove-podcast-subscribe-button]. By default, this one is way too big for my case. It’s fine for the sidebar though. Then I found a few parameters like “small”, “big”, “big-logo” (that’s the default one) and so on.
Now to my question: How do I apply these parameters to this one single button? I tried stuff like:


[podlove-podcast-subscribe-button "small"]

… and so on. Nothing worked. As you might know by now, hardly know anything about programming. So I’d appreciate your help here.

Now as I have started this topic, I could take it a bit further: How do i change the colors of the button? I found this. Once again, I don’t know where (and how) to apply the listed parameters.

Small Button:

[podlove-podcast-subscribe-button size="small"]

Big Logo sized:

[podlove-podcast-subscribe-button size="big-logo" width="150px"]

did this help?

It did. Thanks once again!
I still don’t know how to change the color, but that’s a minor issue anyway.

Changing colors is possible when manually integrating the button via a HTML clipping. A future update of this plugin will expose this feature.

Right now you need to use the template tag. Go to and search for podcast.subscribeButton.

On my homepage the shortcode to adapt the width of the button has no effect. It does not matter whether the shortcode is in the sidebar or in the body text.
On the width always has 180 pixels, not more and not less. But I would like to have 260 pixels … What am I doing wrong? Is there perhaps a problem with my theme?

At the moment I use the short code: [podlove-podcast-subscribe-button style = “outline” width = “260px”]
Also [podlove-podcast-subscribe-button style = “outline” size = “big auto”] doesn´t change anything.

You need to put the button in a container that is 260px wide.

<div style="width: 260px">
  [podlove-podcast-subscribe-button style="outline"]

Thanks for your help. I have tried the version with div-container, but it still has no effect on the size. Any other ideas?