How to upload MP3 files using a local FTP Server


I’ve watched this video:

The only problem I’m having using this plugin is the “FTP Tool” part. I want to know how to locally create a FTP Server and how can I manage to know what Upload Location should I put in the Podcast Settings.

I tried uploading the Mp3’s to the Media in Wordpress and managed to have a “Verified” status on the “New Episode” section, but in the preview of the page, it showed an error that said the Media was not found.

I don’t understand the Configuration Basics in the Podlove Getting Started Guide (I’m new to all the interaction with web creation). I just want to try out your plugin with a small Mp3 for a demonstration of the different features it has. Are there any alternatives to using FTP Tool? Like Dropbox or something else? I would appreciate a “for dummies” instruction, since I haven’t understood the guides I’ve consulted.

Would this kind of solution be ideal for this purpose: ? I have followed the instructions of this video and my final “Upload location” is “”. However, I’m not able to listen the MP3 in the browser; instead, the complete address “” opens up a Download/Open window for the file.

I followed this tutorial too:; But I didn’t manage to figure out which would be my “Upload location” on the FTP Server i created.

I thank you in advance for your help.

You don’t need to setup or install an FTP Server.

The easiest way to get started is to upload the mp3 files to the server where you installed your WordPress. You can use FTP for that or even the web interface of your hosting provider if you have that.

For example, in your WordPress directory, find the wp-content directory and create a media directory in it. If you upload you file example.mp3 there, it’s in wp-content/media/example.mp3 and should be accessible in any web browser under

Thank you Eric!

Yes, this was the solution to my problem. I purchased a domain name and host and installed it all there, I used the media directory in the Wordpress dashboard.

Thank you. It was definetly that I didn’t know anything about this.

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