HTTP Request error on iTunes

Hey Guys

Im pretty much through with all the hints and im still clueless about what the problem could be.

iTunes always says on verification:
“Podcast-Grafiken müssen zwischen 1400 x 1400 und 3000 x 3000 Pixel groß sein, im JPG- oder PNG-Format und im RGB-Farbraum vorliegen und sich auf einem Server befinden, der HTTP Head Requests erlaubt.”

The image should be correct so far and i also deactivate Tracking for now. So i have no clue what to do now.

Any ideas?

Link to feed:

(Im using Wordpress BeTheme, Siteground and Podlove)

Happy for any hint.


Have a look at

I don’t know what the timeout for iTunes is but your website is very slow with about 5 seconds response time. And there seem to be other plugins writing stuff into the feed (geo/georss and com-wordpress:feed-additions:1)

Hey There

Thanks for the reply.

Well it doesnt even check until the end. It loads on and on. I dont get it…

How can i fix this? Any ideas?

Appreciate any hint.