I have wrote a specification myself I would like to share - Social RSS

Hello All,

I have recently discovered this community and I would like to share specification I idealized and documented some time ago.
In the past days I put some work to make it more well documented, specially with regard on how people can contribute.

Social RSS is a specification for extending RSS feeds with information related to social network (i.e. podcast participants, their social network handles and email, disqus information, funding information).

You will find details of the project at the about repository: https://github.com/socialrss/about
The specification itself you will find here: https://github.com/socialrss/socialrss

I believe this shares a lot with the specification from podlove, in the sense that it aims to improve the podcast ecosystem experience by extending the RSS feed in an standardized way.

Please feel free to send any feedback, I am also open to collaborate with podlove.

Best Regards,