Iframe code does find media files (when not logged into WordPress)

If a certain episode is embedded on other sites via the iframe code from the share menue the embedded player does NOT find the corresponding media files.
Fehlende Medien Dateien

Die zur Verfügung gestellte Konfiguration ist fehlerhaft. Ohne Mediendateien kann der Player nichts abspielen.

The src string alone also raises the same error message.


It happens also on my own site on a test page if I’m not logged into the WP backend.

The player itself on ordinary episode pages is ok, independently on the login status.

Any idea on that?

Edit: forgot the NOT in the very first sentence.


my guess is that the API calls from the player are blocked. Do you have any “security” plugins installed that disable unauthenticated API requests?

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I do use a security plugin but I’m not blocking (REST) API calls. A deactivation of the plugin also made no difference.

It seems to work for me:

Screenshot 2021-06-24 at 19.15.05

Yes, on my own site it’s fine. But the iframe scr string in the share field is failing on other people’s sites

But chance I came across another plugin in use that barely disabled al API calls. After enabling the ones for web player shortcode everything looks good so far.

Many thanks for your hint!

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