Implement Custom Playlist?

I’m trying to implement the playlist feature in the shortcode, but I’m clearly not grasping a key concept about it because nothing seems to happen on my WP page other than to offer the default episode to play.

Here’s my shortcode:

[podlove-web-player title="A Deep Dive Into Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill" show="LOA Today" poster="" src="" size="28803116" duration="01:00:00" playlist=""]

What am I missing?


you need to reference a player episode configuration Configuration | Podlove Documentation. Otherwise the player can’t determine meta data from the episode.

Hi is there anyway to make a playlist in the player without to spend hours of coding 200 json files ? it seems like you need like 3 for making 1 playlist ? is their a way to make it drag and drop ?

Sure, it’s called Podlove Publisher :wink:

Hi can you explain me how i can make a playlist with " podlove Publisher" where i select episodes i want. :slight_smile: because i can find anything about it

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Same problem here. I would simply like to reorder the playlist, because my episodes build on each other and the default order apparently is newest first.

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No ideas for any playlist sorting options?