Importing Tracking to new host

I have moved my podcast to a new host and the import worked well except the analytics/tracking.

I tried exporting and importing the tracking data, but it didn’t import correctly (numbers did not match what was on the previous server and the overall downloads were doubled.

I resigned myself to just starting over with the tracking on the new server, so I emptied the following tables in the database based on info from a post here in the community:

  • podlove_downloadintent
  • podlove_downloadintentclean
  • podlove_geoarea
  • podlove_geoareaname
  • podlove_useragent

I also cleared the cache, attempted repair, ran Download Intent Cleanup, and ran Start Download Aggregation However, it seems as though the download data is being stored somewhere because the overall downloads for each episode are still there, (they show up on the analytics page and on the list of episodes) as well as the grossly overinflated overall downloads, EXCEPT for those episodes that have new downloads. Their numbers appear to have reset.

I would love to be able to use the old data, and I have access to the old db, but if I have to start over from scratch with the tracking, I want to actually start from scratch instead of with an odd combination of cached numbers and new numbers.

Any ideas?

Regarding failed import:

It only works if you use the export & import of episodes by Podlove Publisher as well. Easiest way to migrate a whole website is something like the Duplicator plugin, which clones the whole site, including database tables.

Regarding download data:

You can see them with

SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE "_podlove_downloads_%"

And then delete with

DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE "_podlove_downloads_%"