Incompatible Plugins


This plugin has conflict with Publishpress’s plugin, named PublishPress Authors.

Please take a look at the conflicting page: The page can’t even finish loading and has an error message. I have did a little research and found it has something to do with Twig. I. have no idea how to fix it. Can there be an update to repair this problem? Thank you.

Both our plugins use Twig. I updated to a newer version of Twig with the 3.0 release, which unfortunately creates incompatibility issues with other plugins using older versions of Twig.

The next Publisher release (3.1) will handle this more graceful and show a notice instead of crashing the site. However there is no easy fix to ensure compatibility between multiple plugins using different versions of Twig.

As a last resort, you can find older versions of Podlove Publisher here: (2.11.4 is the last Publisher version with the old Twig version)

Thank you very much for your reply. When do you think this new version will come out?

Still this week I hope.

Thank you for the update. I have installed it. But now, the message is this: Podlove Template cannot be displayed due to plugin conflict.

As I said, I unfortunately can’t resolve the conflict, only handle it the way it is now: show the error (and a detailed description on the support page) instead of crashing the site.

I have the same problem “Podlove Template cannot be displayed due to plugin conflict.”

On the Help/Support page I can find:
“Podlove Publisher uses Twig to display templates. The plugin “podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress” uses Twig in an older and incompatible version.”

I do not understand this - both seems to be part of Podlove? What you recomend in this case?
What’s strange: The webplayer is displyed below the error message and seems to work.

Well yes, that does not make any sense :slight_smile: There must be a bug in the detection of the conflict-plugin then. It still means you have some other plugin using Twig, but it’s unclear which one.

To give an update to the whole issue: I have an idea now on how to solve the conflicts all together but I don’t have a timeline on the fix. Until then, I can only recommend to downgrade to Publisher 2.x or deactivate the conflicting plugins, if that’s an option.

I did write in my original post, that the plug-in in conflict is PublisherPress’s Authors. I need to keep that active because it has been used for years to keep track of multiple authors per article. Podcast is new to this website. So the option will be to use a different plugin, which is a shame… because everything else about this plugin is probably the best out there.

I think I have solved the issue in the latest beta version of the plugin. If you would like to try, here’s the download link:

/edit: nevermind, this beta still has issues. I will give notice when a fixed version is available.

Hi. I just want to confirm that it worked. Thank you!

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