Interpretation of Analytic Dashboard -Wrong Numbers?

Hi, i can not believe the numbers of my Analytics Podlove Dashboard.

It says tha in the last day there have been 26 Downloads of Episode 57.

But in the Diagramm there are only 3 downloads over all episodes (which is sad but more likely :wink:

Can Someone explain which Number is correct.

As far as I know:
1d means “on the first day”. Not “the last 1 day(s)”.

The red episode was released on Nov. 24th. The diagramm shows around 17 downloads for the red one. The table says 26 on day one. There might be something wrong. You can read it any way you want: There have never been 26 downloads of the red episode on one single day.

The developers would like bug reports as a GitHub issue.

Thanks Joey for the quick reply.

Maybe a developer could look on that thing.

The diagram represents absolute dates, the table represents numbers relative to each episode release. “1d” more accurately means “in the first 24 hours after release”. So unless you release each episode at midnight, table and diagram can’t be compared.

Thanks for clarifying!