Is podlove suitable for a DJ-service and streaming site?

Hi there,

I am designing a site in WordPress with Elementor.
This site is about a DJ studio holding various services.
We are looking for a plugin (or combination) that supports the following purposes:

  1. Flexible aesthetics customization.
  2. Support for basic controls (play/ pause/ next/ prev./ playlist/ show cover image: When needed within the site’s scope). Additional controls as autoplay, buy-link (link), and download (again within the site’s scope).
  3. Live streaming music (in excellent quality).
  4. Music on demand (select artist → play music playlist).
  5. Scheduled events (play a recorded session at a pre-specified hour, eg. FRI 24 MAY 23.30-04.30 DJ Chron - and the audio track is already in servers -not live, but broadcasting will be at the scheduled time).
  6. Keep visiting/ playing statistics among tracks and events.
  7. Management tools, so no programmer is needed to set the above.
  8. Integration with other platforms to use audio resources (eg. using Soundcloud or Spotify as a source).

All the above should be able to cooperate with Elementor in WordPress.
Good to excellent audio quality is a must., but It is not necessary to cover all the enumerated characteristics (we know is hard), but a good amount of them.

Do you think Podlove can help us?
What characteristics of the above it can support?

Thank you.