Issue with Episodes Assets - Episode appears in disabled Feed!

Hey lovely people,

I’m using different feeds (and episode assets) to separate the public feed from a secret feed for my patreons. This worked great since 2016, but today I made a new episode and noticed that it appears in the public feed while I in fact restricted it in my setup:


URL to my public: Der GameDev Podcast (Game Dev) (MP3)

I did not change anything about my setup. Could this be related to a publisher update?

Here my episode assets:

Here are my podcast feeds:

This is for example my public mp3 feed:

And here my secret patreon mp3 feed:

Does anyone know, why my secret episode suddenly appears in my public feed?

As mentioned in another thread, very likely related to a change in v4.0.11 where media file availability logic was changed.

Created an issue, will try to release a fix soon: Bug: episode appears in feed despite inactive asset · Issue #1473 · podlove/podlove-publisher · GitHub

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Thank you very much! <3