Issue with subpath self hosted

Hi there

Thank you for this nice podcast player.

I am trying to self host this instead of using the CDN however I am having some issues regarding the reference.base config I think.

I installed using this: npm install @podlove/web-player --save ( version 5.0.0-preview7 was installed )
Moved the web-player folder
Embedding like this:
Then I think on the subsequent call I am getting the errors:

It looks for “variant-xl.js” in the wrong place. So it seems my reference.base config is not working:

reference: {
    base: '/js/web-player'

According to the docs then “Reference to webplayer base, if not provided it falls back to the current url” it seems to fall back to current url suggesting my reference.base config is ignored.



you are using the latest preview for the upcoming player that is still in development. One of the reasons for bumping the major version is a change in the configuration. I’m working right now on a documentation to cover all the changes.

If you are eager to test the new player I would love to get some feedback to the new interfaces. You will find a reference implementation here:

If you need help feel free to post questions in this thread, DM me, reach me out on Twitter or create a Github issue:

Thank you for the reply. I thought the version was wrong.

I decided to go with the 4.5.10 version for now but feel free to ping me when you get the docs up and I will try to implement it to give feedback.

From what I can see on the link you shared above then it looks really nice. Lots of nice UI features and very clean.


The Podlove Player 5 has been released and I stumble in the same problem as philpp.

“variant-xl.js” is searched in the wrong location.

I tried

    reference: {
        base: '//',


base: '//',

but it seems to be ignored and variant-xl.js cannot be loaded.

@zusatzstoff You mentioned a documentation in your post. Do you have a hint where I can find help? Thank you! :slight_smile:


you can find the documentation right here:

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I knew that one of course but was silly at another point.

Thanks and sorry.