Issues setting up Podlove (Domain with German Umlaut)

Hi there,

my name is Ansgar, I live in Switzerland and want to set up a web site with Podlove for my wife.

I registered heiligeschriftstü (yes, with a German Umlaut), installed Wordpress, added a https certificate (Let’s Encrypt) and added the Podlove plugin. Then, I created a folder called https://www.heiligeschriftstü, set the access rights to readable and uploaded a file heb.mp3. This can be accessed using https://www.heiligeschriftstü

In the episode settings it says “file not found”. I don’t know why.


To make sure, it’s not the URL with the German Umlaut, I tried the same using another domain. Here it works (green icon). But the web player does not work.

Can you help?



As long as you configured /pod/ as the media directory, you only have to put “heb” in the Slug-field

Hi Damien,

you only have to put “heb” in the Slug-field

So I did. This worked with my domain but not with my heiligeschriftstü domain.

Clicking on the “Datei URL” heb.mp3 worked though.

Strange. I guess there is something wrong with the puny code handling…


Hi Ansgar!

I’m dealing with network services, domains and similar stuff professionally since more than 20 years and I would strongly recommend to not use Umlauts anywhere. Neither in domains nor in file names or similar. It always causes a lot of headache. And if you solve problem A, problem B will occur and so on.
IMO you should consider registering a different domain.

Best regards,

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Hi Bernhard,

sad to hear domains with Umlaut still don’t work. I registered now as a main domain. Visitors to heiligeschriftstü will be redirected from now on.

I also did a first test with a podcast file. Like with my domain it worked out of the box. So will stick to that.


Hi Ansgar!

I didn’t say that they do not work but they always cause problems.


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