Italian translation of Podlove Subscribe Button

On this page there is a link HELP US TRANSLATE THE BUTTON but no indication on how to add a new language. Will you please let me know? Thanks.

I have added Italian to the list of languages. Thanks for contributing.

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Ok italian translation of PSB is 100% complete. Please let me know when it becomes available for use. Thanks.

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I have contributed with italian translation. Any idea about when PSB will be available in Italian? Thanks.

You say thanks for contributing but then you do not make italian translation available and do not answer my previous question. Do you think people have time to waste for your f***ing project? Shame on you!

Nobody said we won’t make it available. I am sure it’s going to be pushed out once the maintainer finds the time to do it.

Please do not forget this is a volunteers effort and people do this in their free time.

Hint: insulting the project and the people behind it is not particularly helpful moving things forward.

Thanks for notifying us.

Kind regards

Sorry for insulting. Translating is a voluntary effort too, spare time dedicated to the community and the developers. I see Russian and Norwegian are in the same situation. Is it a bad habit on the maintainer side?

People have lives, accept it. We look into ut and will try to bring it out quickly

Take it easy. Not really an issue anymore.