iTunes Category for Show Modules

Each distinct Show has its own Unique feed. There is the Top Level feed that has the Category:

<itunes:category text=“Society & Culture” />

But each Show feed has a iTunes Category tag as well, which I know you know is simply taking the Category set in the Podcast Settings section.

I have Podlove working exactly the way I want and am so happy with the work you all do.

What would it take to get Category selection down at the show level so Shows can override the Master Podcast Category settings? Cash! :wink:

Here I see two atom tags. It is my understanding that once submitted to iTunes there is an iTunes Podcast ID tag that would be included in the feed. Each Show would be submitted using the Show feed and not the Master Top Level feed:

<atom:link rel=“self” type=“application/rss+xml” title=“MOKANA (MP3 Feed)” href=“” />
<atom:link rel=“first” href=“” />
en-USPodlove Podcast Publisher v2.9.3
<itunes:category text=“Society & Culture” />

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I would support this feature! Any news from podlove crew?

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This would be an awesome addition and provide so much power. I have one website that runs five different podcasts using Podlove Show Module. The only drag is not being able to select category at the Show Level.