iTunes Description not shown after switching to podlove

Hey folks!

Since I switched to Podlove the description of my episodes isn’t shown anymore in iTunes (except one episode). I assume this has something to do with the rss but I don’t know how to fix that.

Podcast on my blog:

I am producing my episodes with Auphonic and there is definitely a description included in the file, because I had seen them before using Podlove (used powerpress before)

Anyone had a similar issue?

Hi Sebastian!

This looks like most of the episodes don’t have a Podlove Summary. It can be included in Auphonic already, but then has to be imported into the Edit Episode form. Podlove can’t read them out of the media file. That one episode probably for some reason has the description texts in the Summary field already instead of WP’s content field. If yes, you’ll probably have to cut and paste it accordingly for the other ones, and adjust your Podlove template to include a {{ episode.summary }} to have it displayed on the episode’s website.

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That did the trick. I didn’t know that it doesn’t work that way.
I changed that and now the description is shown.

I learned that I am not using the best possible workflow for auphonic and podlove. I guess there is content which teaches me that?!

thanks @katrinleinweber

There is :slight_smile: Plus a bunch more in German.