iTunes Feed Category

Hi, I’m getting this message when I try to validate my feed on iTunes Connect.

Can’t submit your feed. There is no category tag in your feed, or the category tag is empty.

Where do I set the category?


Podlove -> Podcast Settings -> Directory

Thank you, that solved my first issue, but I am still not able to validate my feed.

Error message is - Can’t download episodes from your feed.

Hi Bryan,

yes, your episode indeed can’t be downloaded. You find the URL to the audio file(s) in your feed in the enclosure tag (search with CMD/CTRL+F for “enclosure”).

If I try to access the URL I get an http-error.

I also can’t find the episode on your website. Is it still online?

Thank you ! I figured it out. I had downloads disabled.

Okay, good :thumbsup: