iTunes won't accept my feed because of the podcast logo [resolved]

I have recently started a new podcast using the podlove plugin and have tried to submit it to iTunes.

However, iTunes won’t pick up the feed; whenever I submit the feed to, I always get an error message indicating that there seems to be something wrong with the picture I use:

Podcast-Grafiken müssen zwischen 1400 x 1400 und 3000 x 3000 Pixel groß sein, im JPG- oder PNG-Format und im RGB-Farbraum vorliegen und sich auf einem Server befinden, der HTTP Head Requests erlaubt.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • I’ve validated the feed
  • I’ve deleted the image, used a different one, checked the specs on my uploaded images.
  • I’ve deleted the cache orders where the image resides, than uploaded another one. (And variations thereof)
  • I’ve checked that my site allows for HTTP Head Requests.
  • I’ve used a different feed/audio format, just to check that, too.

Last time I uploaded a 1800x1800px JPG (RGB colour scheme), but whenever I call the graphic the feed uses, its size is only 1382x1382px, so just below iTunes’s demands.

Does Podlove automatically resize the image? Is this a bug? A feature? Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something simple? I’m really at a loss here.

The podcast is at
The feed I used is:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. (Also, love the plugin!)


PS: I’ve had no problem including the feed in my podcasts in iTunes itself, that works just fine. It just won’t pick it up in its directory.

I can see that the original image you uploaded is The name indicates that it should be 2700×2700, however even this one is only 1382×1382.

Did you use the WordPress uploader to upload the image? Make sure you chose “original” file size when uploading, otherwise WordPress might be the one that scaled it down unintentionally.

Thank you so much! Your comment helped me to find what, indeed, I had missed: a server-side solution I had completely forgotten about that allows the maximum size of images to be 1382 pixels. All is now resolved and well, thank you!