Jekyll Integration with more vanilla/less-opinionated javascript (standalone?)

Hey I would really love to know a direct way to employ the podlove scripts on a jekyll page. just getting started. any tips for a more easy integration with jekyll? is actually a jekyll page :slight_smile: See as example. You could also create parameterised includes if you want to be able to easily inject the player.

WHATTTT! that’s awesome. you mind if i post any questions related to the inclusion of jekyll on this thread?

this is looking so GREAT!

i’m familiar with parameterized includes, but not with podlove; you mind describing where in a layout / page that you would employ such an include? ; i took a look at the .md files; i’m trying to avoid react… can i use podlove without vue.js?

i saw that it was advertised as standalone (for version 3) here:

these files seem to be buffering hard; is this because they’re not locally hosted in the github build version?

there is also a standalone version available :slight_smile:

Also and is a good read.

The Player can be used completely isolated without the need of a VueJS runtime. If you like I could sketch out a Jekyll draft. Also if you aim to create a independent gem please consider to make it open source. We need such contribution and I would be glad to help you with this process :slight_smile:

PLEASE. i would love a sketched out jekyll draft.

Sure, if you have a first draft available we can review it :slight_smile:

been checking out the standalone; is there any way to induce autoplay via an href url property? (so that if they click a play button icon on an list of podcasts, that the site would autoplay? i imagine you can just set the instance to autoplay, but that would be an annoying universal default to me…

yes, if you add ?autoplay=true as an url parameter the player will start after loading. I might got time to create a jekyll plugin tomorrow, so stay tuned :slight_smile: