Let's encrypt SSL issue on Apple Podcast

I set up a podcast (corona-wg.de) and got listed on Apple Podcasts. After some episodes the feed stoped to continue on Apple Podcasts - only! The feed itself work properly.
The podcastconnect site states the following issue:

Incompatible SSL certificate. PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

After I asked the Apple support the replied:

Upon further review, it appears the issue being experienced is related to the current SSL certificate being used in your RSS feed URL.
It looks like you are using Let’s Encrypt, and this is not a supported Certificate Authority. You will need to use a different Certificate Authority in order to stream your episodes on Apple Podcasts.

I’m suprised by this anwser as I by myself use the same setup for another podcast with let’s encrypt and everything works just fine - even on ApplePodcast.

Would be great if anyone could help. (Especially as I’m completely lost with this issue even on the german sendegate community).

Apple pretends not to support Let’s Encrypt but it really does. Not sure what exactly they are complaining about (and there is definitely nothing to “support” Let’s Encrypt at all, it’s just a very weird rule/policy they are stating here).

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I know. But that doesn’t help me anyway. They even once again stating the same anwser and send me this “helpful” link:

They don’t even try to explain what’s the problem.
Would be great if anyone could help.

Danke im Vorraus!

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So, as Apple simpy doesn’t reply any more and noone knows what to do - how can I switch off SSL support for the feed. What I tried was to switch off forced SSL on the site, and changed the settings in Podlove Menu. Both only leeds to a feed that is not to parse for Apple Podcast.

So. Apple now simply kicked me out - thoght there is still a ticket open. How can I disable https for the feed. Switching the preferences in podlove doesn’t change anything - feed still is deliverd only with ssl.