Link in contributor list cannot be removed


I do have a brand new blog with just one published episode. In this episode I provide an interview with a colleague. She and me are listed in the contributor list. In her details is a link to her group page listed. Unfortunately, she does not want the direct link to the group page. Therefore I tried to remove it. But everytime I do update it the link appears again in the contributors overview table. What I have to do, to remove the single link entirely?



Did you try using the repair and/or clear-caches button in the Podlove tool settings? If you’re using a caching plugin, clear that one as well.
And maybe a link to your podcast would help.


I tried to empty the cache. But nothing changed.

It is one entry in the “social” column of the contributor table. This is not removable.

My Blog is:

Please: can anyone check this at his/her own wordpress instance?