Link to season

I have set up our podcast with neat seasons. The latest season will have a very irregular theme and i would like to be able to have the listing of that season on its own URL (i.e Is this possible?

If it‘s an „irregular theme“ then why not turn it into a show rather than a season?
Show-feeds are possible in version 2.7 and about the only „official“ way to set up multiple feeds.

Oh, but this is more about a web-listing than a feed, right? Did you try using categories for that?

Or a static archive-page with all episodes of a season? This should be possible via a template.

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That’s great news! My website is a mess right now because i already have multiple shows. But made the site a multi site. Categories is a great idea! I don’t really need a separate feed. Just a landing place when communicating the new season.

You need to activate categories in the Podlove settings.

Or here an example for an archive template: