List all your network podcasts on main site


I’d like to list episodes from all networks in the main loop together with normal blog posts.
I’ve been using Sitewide Tags and that worked until i upgraded to the latest Wordpress and Podlove. Don’t know which update broke sitewide tags but that solution feels really hacky since it duplicate content.

The 2.1.0 release had the feature of listing all episodes of the network but that doesn’t include normal blog posts.

Anyone know a good solution for this?

Do you have any idea if the update to WordPress or the update of Podlove Publisher caused sitewide tags to no longer work as before?

Sorry for not responding earlier. I don’t think it was due to Podlove. It was a lot of tinkering to get it to work properly and when it broke yet another time i just gave up on it. There must be a more stable and less hacky way to loop out the episodes on the main blog. I will post here if i figure it out.