List of episodes filtered by Category / Tag


Hi Community,

I would like to have an Episode-List depending on Wordpress-Category or -Tag. (Maybe also on Publisher data, like contributor, etc.)

I guess that is not possible by simply changing the template, right?

Is this something that might be helpful/interesting for others as well?

Podcast categories as rss feed
Ein Feed pro Kategorie/Schlagwort

hm - I think I just found something, that might help:

So, I could write

{% for episode in podcast.episodes %}
  {% if episode.categories ... %}

But how to complete this? episode.categories is a list. I guess it is not as simple as
if episode.categories.contains("name") or something like that?


What you’re looking for is

{% for episode in podcast.episodes({category: "mycategory"}) %}

Make sure you use the category slug, not its name.


Would somebody please write the hole string I would need to add to the episode template.
I have been trying based on the example to figure out how it should look like, but can’t get it right (problem being I have no idea what the elements in the example mean and or do)