Listing takes way to long

How many days does it normally take for a new published episode to appear in, for example, Apple podcasts?
Mine take usually 7-10 days to get listed on Spotify, Deezer or Apple and when they do, they appear the same time on every podcast service.

So what did I do wrong for it to take THAT long?!?

It depends on how often the feeds are refreshed by these portals. But as to my personal observation it should not take longer than 1 hour.
Did you register your feed there (Apple, Spotify,…)? Initial feed import is not done automatically, or at least not necessarily.


Yes, they are registered - Apple, Deezer and Spotify - and they need the exact same time (7-10 days).
So maybe it’s something else?!

You can at least make sure that on your server is everything ok.
Check your feed manually (i.e. download the RSS feed from your feed URL) as soon as you publish a new episode. If the episode is found within the feed data, everything is ok on your server.
Can you post your feed URL?

Oh, I doesn’t open, does it for you?

Yes, works without any problem. Latest episode was on 14.11.2019 according to the feed.

Well that’s the Problem, there are episodes after that date that aren’t on the Feed: Three, to be exact

Ok, I think you fixed it, did you?
Meanwhile I can see all your episodes in the feed (Circus Roncally being the latest).

Yes, I think I fixed it for the time being. :slight_smile:
Let’s see what happens with the next episode this weekend.

What was the problem?

There was an error in the RSS feed code, I chanced the category from „serial“ to „episodic“ and then the episodes got listed immediately.
Wouldn’t have thought that „serial“ blocked the connection.

Still the same problem with the two new episodes. They just won’t get listed and they don’t even appear in the feed.



That’s really strange. It sounds like there is something wrong with the installation.
I just had a look at your feed and the new episodes are not in there.

DId you have a look at the web server’s logfile?
Have a look in your WP dashboard under Podlove->Help, there you can also see a lot of settings and if there are errors or not, and there is a log file below.

And under Podlove->Tools you can try to clear the cache and there is also a repair option.

Where do you have those error messages from?


Cleared the Cache and used the repair button.

But there where a lot of warnings and errors at „support“Screenshot_2019-12-14%20Support%20%E2%80%B9%20konstantin%20georgiou%20-%20storypendler%20%E2%80%94%20WordPress

And the other error messages are from a feed validator: