Looking for Guidance on Using Podlove to Optimise Podcast Performance

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

I’m new to the Podlove ecosystem and would like some advice on how to use the Podlove Publishing and Web Player to maximise the performance of my podcast.

After a few months of operation, I’m pleased with the content of my podcast, but I think there’s still space for growth in terms of accessibility, viewer involvement, and overall performance.

I’d really appreciate a few suggestions in those particular areas:

Best Practices for SEO: What are some efficient methods I can use with Podlove to raise my podcast’s search engine ranking? Exist any specific the metadata features or settings that have a big influence on SEO? :thinking:

Player Customisation: On other podcasts, I’ve seen some incredibly stylish and intuitive Podlove Web Player modifications. Is there anyone who can provide advice or ideas on how to look and feel more professional? Exist any specific tools or plugins that improve the user experience? :thinking:

Analytics and Tracking: So could I maximise the analytics functionalities offered by Podlove? Should I concentrate on any particular metrics or reports in order to gain more insight into my audience and create better content? :thinking:

Distribution and Syndication: How should I use Podlove to distribute my podcast to other platforms? :thinking:

Are these any lesser-known sites or directories that have helped increase the audience for your podcast? :thinking:

What is the best way to use Podlove to increase listener engagement? :thinking:
I’d be interested in knowing what has worked for other people, whether it be through social media integration, comments, or other interactive aspects.

I can’t wait to absorb the sap knowledge that this community has to offer and put your advice to use in order to improve my podcast. I would be grateful for any guidance, materials, or firsthand accounts you could provide!

Thank You :pray: in advance.