Making Transcripts Look Nice

I’m trying to add some newly created transcripts to my site, and when I try to publish it with the Podlove player, they look terrible. I’ve seen some examples of podlove sites with really lovely transcripts. How do I go about formatting my transcripts so that:

  • Different speakers show as separate blocks of text
  • The spacing of words and phrases looks clean and nice
  • The overall look of the transcripts is visually friendly rather than a hodgepodge of text
  • The chapters line up correctly with the sections of the transcript (currently despite timing in both transcript and chapter select being correct, the chapters don’t line up with the transcript)

I’ve been searching all over online for some kind of guide to formatting VTT transcripts, and I’m pulling my hair out. I’m about to search for other solutions than Podlove and completely rebuild my site to support nice-looking transcripts, but I thought I’d post in the forum first and see if there was an easier solution.

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