Manually transfer posts to episodes?

Hello! I’m migrating from Seriously Simple Podcasting to Podlove.

But the migration assistant isn’t able to find the episodes and all the migration process is pretty much empty. It managed to get some of the podcast info, but not the episodes per say.

The Seriously Simple Podcasting uses regular posts as episodes. I know that for PodPress or PowerPress the assistant manages to migrate the posts to Podlove episodes.

Since the migration assistant isn’t able to detect the episodes already published, i can’t transfer the episodes. From what it looks like i only can do it by creating each one of the episodes from scratch.

There is a way to flag those posts as episodes (editing the posts, changing or adding custom fields, don’t know) or transfer them to the episode listing?

Is possible to tag those posts for Podlove to see them as episodes or do the transfer from posts to episodes myself?

Thank you.