Many shows with 1 domain

I just want to have like 50 shows on 1 domain and be able to sort them. Is there like a page and then a short code by probably show? The documentation is very vague and not helpful. It really seems to be a 1 show per site kind of thing. I don’t seem to get the hierarchy.

I’ve read all the other posts from like four years ago where “yeah we don’t do that hierarchy stuff but here’s templates”.

I guess “Series” is the right word. I want to do something and several other people want to do something but we want to do this on one website. Not 20.

Podlove Publisher is not made for this scenario, unless you setup a WordPress Multisite. You may be able to hack something together with Shows, but I would not recommend it.

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How long has PodLove existed and yet Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin does that job. If PodLove doesn’t do the job then you’re slacking.

We built the Publisher because existing solutions are stuck in the past, complex and unwieldy. The Publisher helps you save time, worry less and provides a cutting edge listening experience for your audience.
Podlove Publisher | Podlove Documentation

PodLove needs to do what that says instead of being some overengineered thing that doesn’t do something very basic.

If another plugin does what you need, why not use it instead?

It’s a design decision that if you want Multi-Tenancy, you need to use WordPress Multisite.

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