Media files not listed

I setup Podlove Publisher and double-checked the path, which is accessible from the web. However, when creating a new episode, the media file is not shown at all (also no error message):


What may be the reason Podcast not recognizing the media file?

Hello @S-Holzhauer,
I also had this issue when I started. It turns out you have to enter only the file name (no extension) in this box above it marked “Episode Media File Slug”.
Please let me know if this helps you.

Hello @Cleve,
thanks for your answer. However, I entered the slug without extension already before, and files are not listed below “Media Files”.

Hello @S-Holzhauer
It may seem a silly question, but is your file mp3?

Also, under podcast settings, is your media location properly set?

Hello @Cleve ,
yes, its an mp3 file (I also tested with other assets such as png), and the upload location is obviously correct (when I C&P the upload location to my browser’s URL field, append the slug and ‘.mp3’, it plays the file after loading).
I just realised that wordpress does not store field entries of the episode (number, title, subtitle, teaser, slug). When I save the episode, go to another section, say pages, and come back to the episode, its fields are empty (however, only reloading the page does not empty the fields’ content). Any experiences with that?

hello @S-Holzhauer,
I have had something along those lines. If you load the page in WordPress Editor and try to save you may get this error.
The page was not actually saved. Switching to Classic Editor allowed me to save properly and all has been well after. I no longer use the WordPress editor to work with these files.
You can try to switch your editor to Classic and see if that helps you.

Hello @Cleve ,
switching to classic editor didn’t help. I finally switched on DEBUG mode and found that the table podlove_episode does not exist. Deactivating and activating Podlove Podcast Publisher made the error message disappear, but only after deinstalling/installing the plugin again it now works fine and detects files correctly.

hello @S-Holzhauer
Glad to hear this is resolved.
Happy Podcasting.