Merge episodes and articles in Wordpress

I no longer use Podlove player after my change of host (Libsyn to Anchor) because I have not managed to set it. (It seems that Anchor is not compatible).
However, I still use Podlove publisher (the Episodes menu) to publish my podcasts in Wordpress.
I have a Podlove error message (screenshot) that appears under each of my episode on my website.
So I would like to uninstall Podlove.
But how can I recover all my episodes that are in the Wordpress “Episode” menu created by Podlove in order to transfer them to my Blog Page with my articles?podlove_error

You can try to change the post type from episode to post. But I think those posts won’t be very useful without any episode metadata or audio files.

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Good evening Eric,
Thank you for your reply. I will try this plugin!
For metadata and audio it does not matter because I can insert the Anchor player with code. This will be directly connected to my audio at my host.
Best regards

It works very well! :ok_hand: Thank you :smile: