Migrating From podpress

I am curious if anybody has migrated from Podpress (Yes I know very old) to Podlove? I currently have a podcast with 300+ Podcasts and was wondering if there is an easy way to migrate? Or if someone can direct me to a migration doc if there are any? Would appreciate any help.


I am in the midst of migrating my WordPress site with 457 podcasts over to PodLove… and I used to use PodPress. I didn’t delete those MySQL tables even though I’ve had the plugin deactivated for years… and I was pleased that the PodLove migration tool was able to recognize those enclosures and create the new draft/pending ‘episodes.’ This has taken many hours so far but last night I finished the post migration, now I am wrangling with post formatting and some other issues.

Thank you for that! I been doing some test migrations, it seems to be doing really good. I am confused though between podlove and podpress. I though it would replace.the webplayer underneath the post but it does not seem to do that. Or at least I have not dug enough into the configuration to figure that part out.

Once you have migrated the episodes, I recommend you disable podpress to avoid any confusions what plugin’s doing what. Podlove Publisher comes with its own web player and does not rely on podpress.

I’ve been doing some test migrations on my local install, but everytime the migration assitant finishes I can’t seem to get teh Player to show up in the post… Is there something Magical I have to do to get that to show up?

Go to the “Player” tab in Podcast Settings and see if “Insert player automatically” is configured. Or manually insert it via shortcode [podlove-episode-web-player].