Migrating multiple podcasts from PodPress

Hello guys,

I’m using PodPress for years now (yeah) and i always wanted to migrate to something more modern (PodPress is totally dead by now).

But the problem is that i have A LOT of content in my website.

I have 5 different feeds and like 700 episodes or more in total. I don’t want to lose this (all in the same website, self hosted).

Looks like PodLove has a PodPress Migration Module, but the first problem is that i can’t find a way to migrate the 5 different feeds into it. Looks like it combines everything in one single thing, or i’m wrong?

So there is a way to just migrate all my 5 feeds from PodPress to PodLove without much hassle? Any tips?



what’s your desired end result? The migration tool will convert all episodes at once, yes, but you may be able to split them up afterwards again using categories or the “Shows” feature. See Podcast Network | Podlove Documentation for your options. If your podcasts are truly separate, you may want a WP Network, however there is no automatic migration available for that. Your next best choice are likely shows.

You will also likely end up with different feed URLs, so be sure to create a permanent redirect from the old to the new feed urls.

Hope this gives you an idea of what’s possible.

Thank you for the answer, Eric.

Doing some more testing here. I did almost all the migration process from my old PodPress feeds (but everything is still peding, didn’t switch yet until i’m sure that nothing will breaks, hehe). Looks like everything is still fine and more or less working.

But before finalize the migration, i want to separate all the episodes on their respective feeds (as you said is possible).

You said about the shows and categories option. Well, i already use categories to separate all the podcast feeds, so i activated the module and even recreated one of my old feeds for testing.

But it doesn’t seem like i can choose which category will be related to the podcast feed. Maybe they will appear only after i finalize the migration? So i can choose the categories that are related to the podcasts / episodes and everything should work.

And one more thing, should i have Podcasts Feeds (using my already done categories) AND Shows? Both at the same time? Or i need to choose? I didn’t saw an option to relate a category to the show either.

I prefer to use the category option because everything is already done (in theory), but looks like i should use both to organize everything and publish new episodes? I’m i little lost in this part, hehe.

Thank you!

I would recommend to set up a dedicated staging/testing instance of your Wordpress and try to do the mass edit via SQL. Or you can use GitHub - Seravo/wp-custom-bulk-actions: Custom bulk actions for any type of post in wordpress to define a custom bulk action in PHP.

Can you provide an example URL to your instance?

In the end i did a massive migration that almost broke everything but managed to work it out, hehe.

I needed to put all the mp3s in a single folder (which I didn’t like) and make some redirects and adjustments. I’m still fixing some individual things but overall I managed to do it.

The only thing I’m still trying to resolve is the fact that posts that are “labeled” episodes are now “only” episodes and are gone from the post listing (in addition to being ignored by the site, as if they didn’t exist).

From what I saw looking in the forums it looks like it’s some issue with my theme (ZoxPress) and WP_Query that doesn’t consider the post_type podcast as a post. I still haven’t figured out how to edit the theme to make them count as posts normally.

Despite having activated the categories module, the site itself still ignores the episodes. I also noticed that some custom options of posts don’t appear in the episodes ( for the same reason, I don’t know).

But that’s it, hehe.

Overall the plugin has been a great upgrade.