Migration // Episodes still alongside Posts?

I am currently considering moving our Blubrry hosted podcast to Podlove Publisher (Wordpress). One question bothers me though: We publish a variety of content in text, video and podcast form. If my podcast content gets migrated to episodes, will it still show up alongside my regular (non-podcast) posts on my homepage? I haven’t found this in the migration guide.
Thanks for your feedback, best regards, Timm

Only posts with enclosures (audio files) will be migrated. You will see which ones during the migration in a preview.

I assume the setting you are looking for is an expert setting: “Combine blog & podcast”

If this works depends on the theme though. It works with all default WordPress themes and all other properly done themes, but some break functionality in their core loop, so I can’t guarantee it will work.

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Thanks, Eric, that’s what I was looking for.