Migration from Simplecast

We would like to move a podcast currently hosted at Simplecast, to Podlove. What’s the procedure for migrating a podcast that was previously not hosted on WordPress?

Does one have to manually recreate every single episode? There are 48 episodes in the archive.

The RSS feed is:

Is it even recommended to do this, or should we be using a different Wordpress plug-in?

Currently there is no “1 click solution” to migrate a Simplecast podcast to Podlove Publisher. It is probably doable with some basic scripting; however otherwise the only alternative is manual migration.

Does manual migration mean copying and pasting the shownotes into a new episode description for each existing episode?

I haven’t played with an XML parser in years. Are there any existing tools or scripts which might help in preparing the data?

I see two main steps:

  1. Downloading and reuploading all MP3s to your own location, probablly some sFTP directory.
  2. Recreating episodes with episode metadata in WordPress/Podlove Publisher

Step 1 can be done with any scripting language that you’re most comfortable with, or manually.
Step 2 is probably best done in PHP so you have access to WordPress functions. XML can be parsed with simplexml_load_file(). Create episodes with wp_insert_post().

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