Missing media files (Fehlende Medien Dateien)

Hello lovely Humans,
I have the german version of podlove and In case youre also german, these are the tutorials i followed to set up podlove publisher and podlove webplayer: https://youtu.be/Ln5iJNHH800 and https://youtu.be/cuyXLUJxsAk

Im having trouble telling u the exact steps to reproduce, because theyre all in german and i dont know what the things i did are called in the english version exactly?

So I uploaded my media file under https://www.hopia.de/wp-content/podcast/ via ftp, and that is also the path i gave the plugin.

But it shows me this message:
“Fehlende Medien Dateien
Die zur Verfügung gestellte Konfiguration ist fehlerhaft. Ohne Mediendateien kann der Player nichts abspielen.”

Which translates to: “missing media files. The configuration you gave us is faulty. Without Media Data, the player cannot play anything”

which like…duh. But i did it, i gave the player the right path? In the episode editing window where you can put the slug in, it also sais that the file could not be found, yk the one where theres the verify button?

And at the same time, i gave my feed to spotify for podcasters (also named myself Hopia there) but spotify shows neither the account i made for podcasting, nor my episode, so could that be related maybe? It sais “processing” on spotify

I wonder if maybe the problem is related to me having had to give the title multiple times in different places, e.g. there was this one place where it said smth like “it is recommended not to use the file name as title”

Oh and I also removed any spaces fromt the file name, as was recommended to me, but it still doesnt work

I would be super grateful for help.
Stay safe and healthy people!

The page I need help with: https://www.hopia.me/post/die-krise-kriegen-wie-geht-es-den-betroffenen-einer-unsichtbaren-behinderung-in-der-schule-der-coronazeit/

Es schaut so aus als ob keine Audiodateien mit verlinkt sind. Kannst du mal nachsehen ob das Audiofile richtig verlinkt ist? Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 15.36.21