Mnemonic + Episode Number Does Not Increment

The latest update of the Podlove plugin asked me to create an mnemonic to be used with a new numbering system. So I chose LOA. When I entered that mnemonic value and ran the conversion script, it said it completed successfully.

However, now when I look at the episode titles, they all begin with LOA000. They don’t increment. They’re all the same. LOA000.

Is that what’s supposed to happen?

The migration tool showed you beforehand which numbers it will extract for each episode.

In any case, if you are now missing these values in your episodes you can either run the tool again, possibly adjusting the numbers in the tool’s interface, or go into each episode and enter the episode number manually.

I can’t find the tool in the back end. Where should I look for it?

Also, I do remember the list, although I don’t remember seeing any instruction on that said I had to manually change the numbers to make them all unique. I had never even heard of this new Apple requirement, so I knew nothing about it.

It would be even more helpful if there was a way for me to click a button that said, “Automatically number the episodes.” With nearly 300 episodes to number, that would be a real time-saver.

Hello? Still looking for answer here.

The title migration tool has to be activated in the settings (modules).

Okay, fine, but how and where? I can’t find where to activate it.

Podlove -> Modules -> Title Migration (has to be checked to be available)

Thank you!

I’ve been able to make it work. However, if I want to go back to make changes using the Title Migration tool, it reverts its settings to the original migration values.

How can I get it to update to reflect the current values so I can make more changes to it?

It’s a one-time-use tool and does not remember any changes made.