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Hey Community!

I have two URLs: is the “real” website, containing all Data, including RSS feed and MP3s only does a forward to

Now I want to change this - should contain all data and should do the forward.
The Server is the same.
Is there a simple way to move Podlove including all data and stats to the new address?
Or is this a stupid idea anyway because of the RSS Feed? Every subscriber will have to resubscribe because the address of the RSS feed changes, won’t they?

Thanks for your help!

They won’t if you do it correctly: Setup a 301 permanent redirect from your old feed URL to the new feed URL. All podcatchers know how to deal with this as it’s a common use case. Your subscribers won’t notice anything and are automatically redirected to your new feed.

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Hi Eric,

is a PERMANENT redirect really the best way? Wouldn’t it be wiser to use a temporary redirect? Because you can never know when you will have to do the next move to another server/domain?

As far as I understood, the difference between permanant and temporary redirect is the time it is stored in the Podcatcher, until the Podcatcher will check again if there is a new URL to be used. Temporary redirect means: check more often for a new URL. Permanant means: “Never” check again. As far as I understood. Or am I wrong on this?

If you’re in control of the target domain, use permanent. Otherwise, use temporary.

The main object is to keep control of the subscription URL. As long as you’re in control of all domains, permanent is the way to go. Even if you change your mind again later, just permanently redirect back :slight_smile:

Permanent: follow the redirect and replace the known URL with the redirected URL
Temporary: follow the redirect but keep checking the known URL for subsequent requests

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Thank you very much Eric!

So, if I redirect to it should be temporary.

But if I redirect to it should be permanent. Right?

exactly :slight_smile:

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Thank you for confirming and clarifying the whole issue. :+1: