MP3 vs OGG


I offer my podcast as MP3 and OGG format since the beginning. I chose to use OGG (additionally to MP3) because of the MP3 licensing issue. But meanwhile I found out that there are no patents any more on MP3 since 2012 (at least according to Wikipedia).

The Podlove analytics show that 89% of the listeners use MP3 and only 9% the OGG format. Thus, I think about dropping OGG again since offering 2 formats means also using twice as much disk space.

What do you think about this topic?


The more formats you offer, the better for your listeners. However there are lots of podcasts only offering mp3, so if you’re tight on disk space, dropping ogg is an option.

You could also have a look at opus instead, which is optimized for speach and provides very good quality for little space.

It’s not a matter of disk space at the moment.
It just came to my mind simply because there is such a big difference in the listener stats.
I also observed that many other podcasts in the same genre (sports/sailing) are solely available as MP3.

I’ll have a look at Opus. Thanks for your response!